Elena Zographou

Elena Zographou

I want to live a balanced life, where everything merges and there are no compartments.

Balanced driver

I'm Elena, my purpose is:

I want to live a balanced life, where everything merges and there are no compartments. I want to continue to learn, evolve, challenge myself and support others along the way.  


My story

I was born in North London, to Greek Cypriot parents. My culture and heritage played a massive role in my early life. My childhood was full of summers in Cyprus and centered around our big fat Greek family!

As a young adult, I was on the search for something beyond North London. I challenged the things I had grown up accepting, and started thinking about forging my own path and what that might look like. I studied economics at university and thought this would be the start of the rest of my life. I spent 4 years finding out how little interest I had in the course. Then, it was time to re-group, find a job and start my career.

I had an interest in accounting and moved through different related roles. I saw finance within a few different businesses and was always keen to see and understand more.

In 2018, I moved to Melbourne with my partner, and after 4 years, I found myself looking for the next challenge in my career. I knew something didn’t feel right in my role, but I didn’t know what I was looking for. I told myself I would know when I found it.

I found myself deciding between roles, and I was massively drawn to Elco. I couldn’t explain it. A startup that I knew almost nothing about, couldn’t tell me what my day to day was going to look like, but I just had this feeling that what Elco stood for meant something to me, and that was where I needed to be.

Fast forward to today, and I am reminded every day that I made the right choice. It’s already been a journey, and I’m excited for the future! I can see now that the values and principles that Elco holds at the center of the organization are aligned with my own. It feels great to not be restricted by titles and job descriptions, and just work with an amazing group of people doing things that mean something to us.

I’m currently working in Finance and strategy across multiple businesses in the ecosystem. I’m particularly passionate about Elclean, a corporate cleaning business treating cleaners well, and servicing our clients simply and effectively.

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