Claire Rodenbeck

Claire Rodenbeck

I connect with people in a way that embraces their individuality and fosters confidence.


I am Claire, my purpose is:

To connect with people in a way that embraces their individuality and fosters confidence so we can build things that matter.
My Story:

I grew up as the eldest of three, born in Cape Town, South Africa. I spent my childhood wild camping in neighboring African countries before moving to Perth, WA as a teenager. My adventurous nature has led me to study abroad in upstate New York, solo travel across South America, and pivot my career from Human Resources in Perth to the unknown of Tech startups in Melbourne.

My adventures have shaped my love for exploring and understanding the world and people around me. I have a background in psychology and human resources (L&D, people analytics), an early career fueled by a curiosity of people and a deep desire to build meaningful relationships. I took an unexpected step towards IT when a mentor saw potential in me, guiding me into the world of automation, project management and product design at a global firm.

I joined Elco eventually looking for a different approach to work. I was drawn to a focus on outcomes, genuine value creation, and aligning people's interests. It's a place where it’s not about what we do, but the joy of doing what we care about alongside a team that feel like friends.

I am a designer of the Ploomo products and serve as a link between our products and our clients.

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